Cam Newton – Middle School Hardo

Alright, now I know everyone’s immediate reaction.  Cam is a good guy!  He does charity! I get it.  But this is something that the common fan probably doesn’t pick up on.  Cam Newton is the equivalent of the kid who always has the newest fashion, you know who I am talking about, the middle school hardo. The kid in 7th grade who was the first to rock Ecko Unlimited and had a Moto Razr.  The kid who showed up to basketball practice with the arm sleeve, DADA Supremes with his name, and the Allen Iverson finger sweatbands.  Well, Cam Newton is that guy.
Portrait of Allen Iverson

It dawned on me, like a vision in the sky, it had all aligned as the male romper started making its way around the internet.  Prior to the picture of the male romper releasing, you can not tell me that anyone would think it is a cool idea.  So of course, who is the first athlete to be seen rocking the newest trend?  You guessed it, Killa

I would bet ever dollar I have that Cam will be seen as a trendsetter, a visionary, a young Ralph Lauren.  These damn things are going to be at every beach bar across the coasts of America this summer.  Guys and Girls from far and wide will unite behind the garment, that is, the Romper.

It isn’t the first time Cam has done this either.  Who can forget the infamous Ice cream man attire (which I’m not gonna lie, is kind of swaggy).


It may seem like I’m hating on Cam.  I am. Just not as much as it would appear.  Because although the middle school hardo was trying to be the biggest trendsetter, everyone kind of liked him.  And guess what, a couple months later, everyone had the Dada shoes.

If any of that may seem like it rambled, or perhaps didn’t make sense, I understand, I just smoked a ton of weed (seems like too many commas, can someone good at grammar provide feedback).  That’s all folks, see you this summer in my male romper and Bucket.


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