I Would Love To See Inside The Mind Of Alex Rodriguez

In maybe the least shocking news ever recent photos revealed that Alex Rodriguez is just as weird as we already knew he was. MLB on FOX tweeted out a photo that revealed Alex Rodriguez’s notebook while he was preparing for his debut as a color commentator for a Major League Baseball broadcast on FS1 on Thursday night. Being the ultra talented superstar ball player he was you would think he would be preparing some insightful notes. Remember we are talking about ARod here though. The same dude that had a glamour photo shoot of himself kissing himself in the mirror. His notes contained things such as “birth control, baby, pull out stuff”. Let’s all be transparent here, are you even surprised? Quit lying to yourself, no one expects anything less from ARod.

 Let’s put this in perspective real quick. He is about to make his commentator debut for a MLB broadcast, a situation that any normal individual would over prepare to ease the nerves. And here is Alex fucking Rodriguez in his own universe oblivious to the world jotting down notes about how strong his pull out game is. You and I both know that inside that wildcard mind of his he thinks that is normal. Hey Alex, let me help you out, it’s not normal and frankly unacceptable. Just do better man.
But let me throw you a little spin zone. Shouldn’t we be kind of impressive with him? I mean think about it, he actually had words written down. Truthfully, I expected his notebook to be filled with elementary drawings of himself and boobs. Heck, I wouldn’t even be surprised if he took a page out of the movie Superbad and had a book filled of dick drawings.
I’ll just come out and say that no one loves ARod like ARod loves ARod. There isn’t and never will be another athlete in the world quite like Alex Rodriguez. The dude is arguable one of the greatest baseball players ever. Don’t come at me saying he’s a cheater and he was only good because of steroids because regardless of what he did he had God-given ability to absolutely mash baseballs.

Regardless of how historic of a ball player he was he was more importantly a complete looney tune. I mean the dude once ask a clubhouse attendant to put toothpaste on his toothbrush and has a half horse half himself portrait above his bed. That’s some weird ass serial killer type shit. I know I already said this, but it deserves to be mentioned twice because it is the most looney tune thing he has ever done, he had a freakin’ photo shoot of him kissing himself in the mirror! Could you imagine what was going through his mind to justify that. It’s almost certain that he 100% planned that photo shoot.  Maybe these weird ass antics would have been classic if he wasn’t a socially awkward person, but probably not.
I know celebrity’s and athletes live in this little fairy tale bubble, but ARod makes celebrities weird antics seem like child play. He still lives in that little fairy tale bubble, but on a completely different universe. For crying out loud he had Cameron Diaz feed him popcorn at the super bowl a few years back.
Most of the justification for ARod’s antics is correlated that his whole life he was the best and was told so from an extremely young age. He has an overwhelming sense of entitlement. Even the great and respected Joe Torre didn’t appreciate Arod and his antics. Torre wrote in his book,
“Alex monopolized all the attention,” “We never really had anybody who craved the attention,” Torre added. “I think when Alex came over he certainly changed just the feel of the club.”
And Torre clearly had concerns about Rodriguez’s well-chronicled failures in key moments, particularly in recent postseasons. Torre said that when everything was on the line, and when Rodriguez was at the plate, Rodriguez was too often unable to “concern himself with getting the job done” and instead became distracted with “how it looks.” This is Joe Torre we’re talking about here.
He was never told no, always got what he wanted and formed this invincible mentality – that he was the one exception to rules. For example, when he was caught taking steroids he consistently lied and never thought of any repercussions. In his mind, even though taking PEDs were against the rules, those rules didn’t apply to him because he was Alex Rodriguez. ARod is truly one of a kind.

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