Carmelo Anthony Will Be On The Knicks Next Season

The Knicks will NOT buy out Carmelo Anthony’s contract. Just when I thought the Melo era in New York was over because of the bogus reports that the Melo to Houston deal was “one the 2 yard line” we are back to the Knicks front office trying to figure out a way to keep Melo. Every other week a new team comes up with Melos name attached and I hate to say it, but Melo is stuck with the Knicks.

In a press conference Steve Mills stated the Knicks are committed to rebuilding around the young core of players. 24 hours later he states that the New York Knicks will not buy out Carmelo Anthony’s contract. When asked he answered straight up “No”. Alright relax king virgin. Quit acting like you’re not the idiot that pushed to hire Phil Jackson and wasted all that money.

carmelo 3

I don’t blame the Knicks for not trading Melo to the Rockets because we would have been stuck taking on Ryan Anderson who has one of the worst contracts in the league with 3 years $61 million left. However, it comes to a point where you need press the restart button and think of the future. Yes, it sucks not getting anything in return for Carmelo, but Phil Jackson crushed that possibility while he was drowning the Knicks. The Knicks front office have to realize this and just let the dude walk. Pay him his money, move on and let him have an opportunity to compete. The young core of players will be able to succeed and grow more without having Melo jack up 20+ shots a night.

Just think how much more excitement would be around the Knicks if the only press we got wasn’t about the latest on Carmelo Anthony. If the only thing the New York media could report about the Knicks was that we have an unicorn who is one of the best young players in the game. We have a young core of players that could rejuvenate the city and the fans. We need to make MSG great again. This is the mecca of basketball and it is embarrassing that no one wants to play for this organization or city.

Honestly, at this point I feel bad for Melo. He is 33 years old, on the down slope of his career and is watching all his boys compete for a championship. He has been nothing, but loyal to an organization that hasn’t shown him the same back. He might not have been the best or a true superstar, but he has had a good enough career that he deserved respect.

carmelo my city my heartMeanwhile he is with a team that not only just drafted a very raw 18-year French dude and in the efforts of rebuilding, but are just straight up incompetent. Tell ’em Frank.

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