Fellas & Gals, This is your Captain KnightHawk speaking:

For you to get to know me a little better, I’ll share some insight on who I am and my beliefs:

  • I do everything in life full-tilt
  • I believe everything in life is negotiable
  • I believe in strong bounce passes, using the glass and making your free throws
  • I set the state record in attempted charges
  • At all times I have a mouth piece with me
  • I believe the only way to black out is to casually black out
  • I believe in tenacious defense
  • At all times I am stretched out and laced up
  • I believe if you’re not swinging for home runs you’re not trying hard enough
  • I believe if you’re over 6’6 and not good at basketball you’re soft
  • I set the state record for most career fouls
  • If you don’t respect Derek Jeter, I don’t trust you
  • I believe that if you wear white ankle sock with black shoes you cannot be trusted
  • I believe if you’re a guy and don’t like sports you cannot be trusted

Now that you know a little but about you me, you may be asking yourself, who is this mystery man KnightHawk?

I think my titles and accolades speak for itself:

  • NPSA, President and Board Member
  • CBO, Founder & Activist
  • 606 & 212 Member & Activist
  • Flagler College Home Run Hitting Coach
  • 4- time St.James Little League Baseball Long Throw Champion
  • Bowled a perfect 300 overhand